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Founded in 2010, One Direction Australia is a leading Cleaning and Facility Management Company in Brisbane. The company has progressed well over a decade by achieving every milestone to take this present pride stance. We have been using pioneered tools and techniques to meet the customer’s expectations and help experience perfect cleaning.

From the outset, we have been Brisbane’s most trustworthy brand for families and businesses. Each of our staff is professionally trained according to Australian standards. We have worked with one mind to achieve a goal – CLEANING to provide a safe and healthy environment. You can get professional assistance to make your life simpler and pleasant. With our daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly packages, you can keeps your tough cleaning away.

Our Brand Values

  • Handling and overseeing all types of undertaking
  • Being responsible and accountable for all our works
  • Committed to delivering excellence
  • Carry pragmatic attitude
  • Honesty and reliable
  • Openness, enthusiastic and loyalty
  • Being upfront and respectful

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